Hear the faint sound of giggling? Make no mistake, Natasha is behind the bar! Another bubbly creative – Tash has been bringing the energy for a year now and makes the day that little bit brighter!

Nothing beats a big glass of wine & a great film for Tash. Join her at the bar!


 Jakub’s passion is food. That’s the long and short of it. He cooks to make people happy and in turn that brings him joy. A long career with many cuisines under his belt, Jakub writes menus full of hearty, homely & accessible food.

Jakub likes to spend his time off taking long walks & checking out the local wildlife with his wife Laura


 An avid writer, creative, comedienne & all round dork – Amber will be one of the first people welcoming you in with a genuine smile and a beverage on the way! Wine recommendations are to be trusted above all others!

Ambers energy and enthusiasm is paired with her love of theatre and dreams of hitting the big stage one day.


General Manager

A great sense of humour, and a passion for organisation means nothing is too much trouble. Laura will endeavour to make your visit a memorable one.

Laura is an avid walker and traveller and loves to hit a nature trail on her day off. Add her husband Jakub & a glass of wine at the end, and you’ve got one happy camper.